Video Editing Timeline



The last thing you want on any production, is to not have your rushes looked after properly.  Too many productions rely on newcomers to take care of their backup, which only leads to unnecessarily vast amounts of money being spent in post, for completely unavoidable mistakes.  Mistakes that can also lead to costly re-shoots.

Data Wranglers are more than just backup monkeys.

With our software and hardware, we log every single clip into our worksheet and check timecode errors, white balance, colour matching, lit & dead pixels, metadata, and anomalies.  All to keep a consistent, smooth workflow.


We use a variety of applications depending on the needs of the project, from Pomfort to YoYotta, as well as DaVinci Resolve for transcoding proxies and dailies.

Depending on camera & audio systems, we use the best applications appropriate to there respective devices, to check timecode, sync, colour and metadata, amongst other things, for the most ideal results:


ARRI's LUT Generator

ARRI's Frame Line & Lens Illumination Tool

DaVinci Resolve

Pomfort Silverstack

Sony Catalyst Browse

Teradek Bolt Manager

Wave Agent

plus loads more...