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We like to get involved from the outset, establishing a clear-cut process for the workflow, so that it organises itself from acquisition right through to delivery.

With our time-served Technicians, we've found this workflow to be very popular with our clients, saving time and money in the post-production pipeline.


In our workflow, we log every single clip, check for timecode anomalies, monitor white balance, colour, lit & dead pixels, metadata, and of course, overall QC.

Completely scalable to the needs of your production.


We savour simplicity.


If your shoot merely requires a high-end laptop, then we'll provide a high-end laptop.

If you need something more robust such as a DIT station + van to work from, we can provide that as well.

We also supply Solid State Drives so your shoot can be wrapped up quickly & securely.

We use a variety of applications depending on the needs of your project, from Pomfort Silverstack to ShotPutPro, as well as DaVinci Resolve for transcoding proxies and dailies.

Depending on camera & audio, we always use the applications most suited to there workflow in order to achieve the most desirable results:

ARRIRAW HDE Transcoder

ARRI LUT Generator

ARRI Frame Line & Lens Illumination Tool

DaVinci Resolve



Pomfort Silverstack

Sony Catalyst Browse

Wave Agent

plus loads more...

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