We can provide a low-latency live stream and remote viewing for up to 160 users, using the free QTAKE Monitor app.

We can also just send a live picture from our QTAKE system to a private Zoom meeting or any other video platform of your choice.

If you like, we can send proxies straight to edit via the cloud platform Moxion.

- Watch live colour-graded camera feeds with custom mask and on-screen metadata.

- Watch real-time green-screen composites and VFX previews.

- Use multi-view layout for comparison of clip versions or camera angles.

- Communicate with your Operator using bi-directional talkback.

- Switch between full-screen or multi-camera presentation.

- Monitor your whole set using interactive VR view (requires 360 camera on set).

This is all still a work-in-progress from software and hardware developers, so the more we learn about this, the better the experience you'll have in the long run.


1. How much does it cost to stream?

Using the QTAKE Server to stream one camera feed, to one client at 720p, will allow you to send approximately 11 hours (or 10GB) of data.

That would cost about £18.00 in data.

SCENARIO: Send two camera feeds to eight clients around the world, at 1080p, for 10 hours...

That would cost about £260.00 using the QTAKE Server.

2. How does it work?

- Download the QTAKE Monitor app via the App Store.

- Register your email address and set a password (it's completely free and easy to do).

- Get in touch with Production or the QTAKE Operator and request a link to QTAKE, which you'll receive in an email.

- Wait to be approved by the Operator.

- Once you've got a picture, you can then make notes, add metadata, review clips, and even talk to the Operator for further assistance.

3. Will it work in the middle of nowhere with limited signal?

Where possible, we use a bonded network device that utilises all the providers (EE, Vodafone, 3, etc.), to create a reliable network.

Alternatively, we recommend sourcing a specialist networking company to create an uplink via satellite.

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