Camera Monkey Ltd. was setup in 2014 by Greg Holt, on the back of a little equipment rental project called Manchester Camera Hire.


With the ever-changing technology of the camera world, Greg took a break from camera hire, and instead focused on providing a specialised video playback service.

As a world traveller, Greg's filming adventures have taken him across the globe, from trekking across the Yukon Territory, to escaping government authorities on a private jet out of Ghana.


Greg initially began his career back in 2005 as a Locations Assistant but quickly found his calling in the camera department where he was asked to assist a Playback Operator on a commercial in 2008.


Playback was a complicated process back then, utilising down-converters and old HDVR boxes from Panavsion and ARRI.  They were old technology and a nightmare to use, but they were a great baptism of fire for anyone starting their career.


Since then, Greg has cut his teeth and honed his skills working in a variety of roles from Lighting Cameraman to D.I.T., but really felt at home as a Playback Operator.


Investing and developing his own self-built QTAKE systems for the past 5 years and more currently, since COVID, has been mastering the world of live streaming.


Greg has bases in London and Manchester, but currently lives in Berlin with his wife and twin girls.  He is well versed in commercials, dramas, and dailies.


Joel Malone joined us on The Pentaverate as Video Assist. Setting up monitors, checking Teradeks, etc.  Since then he has gone to operate himself on The Gallows Pole, The Beautiful Game, Willow, and Waterloo Road providing playback, mix & overlay for VFX, as well as on-set WiFi and remote streaming.