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Greg began his career back in 2005 initially as a Locations Assistant, but quickly found his calling in the camera department where he was asked to assist a Playback Operator on a commercial in 2008.

Playback was a much more rudimentary & complicated process back then, having to make use of old down-converters, plugging up old HDVR Combo boxes.  It was old technology and a nightmare to use, but they were a great baptism of fire for anyone starting their career.

Since then, Greg has cut his teeth and honed his skills working in a variety of roles from Lighting Cameraman to D.I.T., but really felt at home as a Playback Operator, investing and developing his own self-built QTake systems and mastering the world of live streaming.


Greg has bases in London and Manchester, and currently lives in Germany with his wife and three children.