Operating out of Manchester (with bases in Berlin & London), we specialise in providing video playback services, live streaming, and equipment hire.

We offer a fully mobile QTAKEHDx2 or QTAKEHDx4 cart system that can be quickly dismantled for tricky setups; as well as mix & overlay, digital effects, chroma key, quick edits, wireless monitoring, Director + Operator talkback system, remote monitoring, and of course low-latency internet streaming.

With 15+ years of TV drama and commercial experience, we know how important it is to get and keep a picture going throughout the day without interuption.

Clip Reports are always provided at the end of each shooting day.  These include all of the notes and references made during the day, as well as preferred takes.

We support all workflows and can provide XMLs for any NLE, if necessary.

However big or complicated your shoot is, we can help.

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